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Compaction Control System

Compaction Control System

The compaction meter is a well-proven system that has been used in Dynapac’s products for a long time and which has been successively refined. An accelerometer sensor, mounted on the drum module, continuously emits signals that are processed and presented as CMV (compaction meter value) on the instrument panel. The CMV shows the stiffness of the compacted material: the higher the CMV, the stiffer the material is. When the CMV stops increasing, the material is at maximum compaction.


DCA is an abbreviation of Dynapac Compaction Analyzer. It registers all the CMV data and allows the operator to see the compaction results on the computer screen. On the basis of experience or an existing calibration, the CMV limiting value can be used for each separate compaction job. The DCA will then indicate precisely which areas require additional compaction. The computer gives the operator a graphic image of the completed compaction work. Variations in CMV are shown as different colours on the surface and it is therefore easy to identify weaker areas and take the requisite action. In most cases it is sufficient to make additional runs over an area to achieve satisfactory compaction, but some areas may need to be improved by excavating poor material and replacing it with new material.

The DCA unit is portable and the measurement results can therefore be taken into the office and studied. It is also easy to transfer the measurement data to a standard PC by means of a memory card so that it can be permanently stored.

DCA-A Compaction analyzer for asphalt

The Dynapac Compaction Analyzer for Asphalt (DCA-A) is the perfect tool for operators. It provides real time information about the rolling, allowing the next pass to be planned, taking into account the asphalt temperature of each area. Tracking the number of passes makes it easy for the operator to maintain control of the pattern and achieve the best results. Better planning of the rolling operation also ensures jobs are carried out more efficiently, resulting in using less fuel. The DCA-A allows the contractor to document the compaction work in order to analyse the rolling pattern and number of passes on the compacted surface. The results are best used to optimise the usage of the compaction equipment and to assure the compaction results. Knowing that the compaction is carried out properly is the key to avoiding penalties and, with further improvements, achieving bonuses instead. The DCA-A software is an option for articulated tandem rollers. It can also be retrofitted to older machines.



  • Presents the Compaction Meter value graphically.
  • Documentation of the compacted area 
  • Provides real-time information of the compaction progress
  • Wireless communication with the roller
  • High capacity battery for full day operation
  • Rugged computer (IP67) water, dust and shockproof


  • Continuous compaction data while compacting.
  • Feedback to operator and supervisor.
  • All data stored electronically. 
  • Full documentation of the compacted area.
  • All data can be printed on paper or as PDF. 
  • Easy storage with full access. 
  • Saves paper and improves the overview.
  • Export of text data possible. 
  • Enables further analysis and creation of databases.

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